United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local Union 69 - Peoria, IL

Apprentices have the opportunity to learn OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 requirements

along with rigging and signaling and the most up to date roofing,

waterproofing, air barrier, green roof and steep roof systems being installed in

the United States. All of our Signatory contractors have a big influence on what

is being taught.

The term of apprenticeship shall be a period of 4 years (not less than 4600

hours) supplemented by the required hours of related technical instruction.

Apprentices shall be paid a progressively increasing schedule ofwages based

on a percentage of the current journey worker wage rate, per the collective

bargaining agreement.

Journey person’s wage rate: $31.50

Apprentices will be paid a percentage of Journey person's wage rate as follows:

On-the-job Training % of Journeyman

50% 0 - 500hours

60% 501--1000 hours I plus 144 classroom hours

65% 1001-2200 hours I plus 144 classroom hours

75% 2201-3400 hours I plus 144 classroom hours

85% 3401-4600 hours|plus 144 classroom hours

Advancement to Jourey person rate

Apprentices do not get paid for the class

Apprenticeship and Continuing Training
On-the-job training - hundreds of hours Class room training - hundreds of hours Safety and health training Fall protection training All types of roofing , waterproofing and air barrier training
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